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Info on our guild..

About Us:

Defiance is a new blossoming guild expanding on league side and we're now recruiting all levels . We're the only league side guild that is active at this moment, We're creating and maintaining a healthy atmosphere without sacrificing efficiency, and we encourage you all to join us and help us grow! We're an international guild but most of us are NA players. Currently, we have 40+ active members logging in every day. We do hard mode astrals every evening. Once a week we do Eclipse, Ferris, Battle of Gods, Fractal, and Winter Palace if people need. We will also help you in GT, Teps, or Dead City if you need it. You are not required to do dominion, but you are welcome to if you wish. With our busy schedules we are mostly casual players so play whenever we get time too. Which means no stress and no pressure to do things you don't want too! We also have an active discord channel for communication. League is not dead!